Hot Stone Therapy Training Course

This comprehensive course teaches how to integrate hot stones with massage treatments to create an effective therapeutic treatment for a total mind-body-spirit healing experience.

Our ultimate task is simple: improve the bottom line. The multitude of challenges that impede the movement towards this goal, and the selection of appropriate solutions, is not so simple. By utilizing our core values of commitment, integrity and caring to each unique concern we are able to bring forward superior results.


  • Background of healing properties with hot stones
  • Benefits and contra-indications
  • Equipment and supplies
  • A detailed massage protocol using the hot stones
  • Incorporating aromatherapy into your massage
  • An introduction to energy healing using the hot stones
  • Practical sessions

The instruction will be led by spa and wellness specialist Julie Adamo Cass. Originally trained in stone therapy in Jamaica, Julie will bring her extensive knowledge and endless enthusiasm that will be sure to make the course an informative and enjoyable experience.

Check our training schedule and course outlines and grow your people, and your business, today.