I think we should start with getting one thing clear: It is not all about the hair, the hands, the face, or the feet. It is about the experience people have when they come to your business that determines if they return. I’m talking about the human factor in your spa business.

Yes you need to be skilled and get results. I made that sound trivial and I know that is far from the truth. But for the purposes of this conversation I am going to assume you, and your team, know that. Everyone, you included, stay current with your chosen service and treatment techniques. The results you deliver are important BUT I find most people/customers find it hard to separate good from great treatments. What clients want most is to FEEL special in that heartfelt way. They want to be heard, appreciated and understood. That everyone in your business “gets” them and know how to make them feel like they are the one and only most important client. I describe it as the experience you get when an exceptional person you know, and we all know at least one, who makes you feel “happy” after talking with them. They look you in the eye and they don’t look away, get distracted by their phone, look for someone or something more interesting during your conversation. They make you feel like the most important person in the world! You know that feeling don’t you?

So it really does boil down to the human factor. How you make your fellow humans feel after doing business with you.

So my question for you is what steps are you taking to assure a quality experience each and every time between your customer and your team?

Are you relying on your team to have your same standards you have? Do they know what they are? Are they in writing? Do you manage them to this standard?

Simple things like greetings and departures. Simple to say, no so simple to detail, write out, train, and manage to, improve and do it all over again. Getting into the details like how to shake someone’s hand. How long is good eye contact? What is the tone and volume of the voice? What to say, precisely. I am not a fan of creating robots but rather highly skilled professionals that I would be comfortable and proud to leave alone with my highest spending customer.

So just start by doing it step by step today. Keep it simple:

Review all moments of truth in a client arrival.

– where they enter

– how long it takes to greet them

– what is said by a staff member

– what does a customer see and hear and smell?

– etc. etc. etc.

Just keep going though the client experience. If you want consistently excellent experiences you will invest the time and training needed to make sure everyone who does business with you is thrilled with the outcome and the feeling they leave with.

Be well and Be Excellent!






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