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We have a saying, “Your business is only as good as your worst employee”. Your goal must be to have your staff doing the same things, to the same standards. All the time. The guest must leave with a positive impression of how they were treated by all the staff. It is so important to have team standards in the spa industry

Creating a gracious, welcoming environment for all guests—regardless of their physical appearance, weight, disability, or gender—must be a top priority. 

There are standards that should apply to everyone employed at your spa. There could be a simple dress code, or a more detailed one to fit with a spa’s theme. What about wearing a lot of jewelry, tattoos or strong scents? Should that be allowed or not? Guidelines on punctuality, use of personal devices (cell phones etc.), use of social media and communication between staff members are examples of standards that would generally apply to all staff and have an effect on the atmosphere created for the guest. Everything should be clearly laid out in your policy and procedure manual. 

Everyone plays an important role in the smooth operation of a spa. From the cleaners to the massage therapist, all staff must treat each other with respect in order to achieve a harmonious work environment that will benefit everyone—including the guests. Guests have ears and eyes for communication not always intended for them so your team must be clear on these standards…

Having clear standards for your team in the spa industry, and expectations for staff behaviour is a necessity for creating a positive guest experience. The team are your front line when it comes to communicating with guests.

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