Custom Training Programs

Each business is different and so are the training needs. We are delighted to have worked with many of the best spas in the country to design custom programs to meet their specific areas in need of support.


We can work with you to modify any of our existing classes such as Spa Reception, Retail Sales, or Guest Service Excellence training. Review our process below to see how that works.


If you have any specific needs, our team is able to efficiently and effective design programs to meet and exceed your expectations.


To maximize the performance of your business, have our professionals come to your business and deliver a high-energy, high-impact custom training program that will not only jump start your revenue, but give you a system that is built to last.


  1. We complete a thorough review of your current status and performance.
  2. Based on this review, we will make recommendations for new or amended policies that will form the basis of a new detailed program. This may include commission structures, operational needs, incentives, etc.
  3. We help you establish clear team goals.
  4. We create customized manuals that each team member receives and you can use for future staff.
  5. We deliver the training with all team members.
Once again, we will review our course materials to match your existing strategy and will also include additional techniques and strategies to power your staff’s performance. This will aid in advancing your strategy forward.