You have set out to invest in the spa industry. Like every business entrepreneur, you wish to make a good profit and see your business grow.

But how do you start off on the right foot and increase your chances of growth and sustainability? The spa industry is currently chock-a-block with players. And unless you have everything well thought out, it may be challenging to get your startup off the ground. Here are five key things to consider when starting a spa before you put your money into buying an existing spa or building a new one from the ground.

Your vision

In a busy service industry like the spa market, the way you package your services may make all the difference. Give customers a good experience and you’ll win them over. Otherwise, your chances could be slim.

So from the very onset, be clear on the kind of experience are you looking to create for your guests. Does it fall within your own vision for the business? If not, your best option would be to review the vision to ensure it can be mutually shared with your clientele.

Target market

Whom do you intend to serve? Start by defining your guest; what they do, where they live, what they look like and how much they earn. Then you’ll have your market figured.

Sales and Marketing Strategy and Plan

This is the infrastructure and method you are going to use to reach your target market. After you have figured who your guests are, then you are in a strategic position to define what means you’ll use to get to them. Whatever the case, the social media is likely to be central to your marketing plan.


The best place to put up your spa is close to the target market. It must be accessible to the people you wish to serve. This location can, therefore, be a new building you construct from the ground or an existing building you buy or lease from another owner, downtown or at the city suburbs.

Startup Costs

Like any business, ideas and strategies will not kick off without the capital to fuel them. This is by far the most crucial factor. Consider how much you can raise for the business you have conceived and make all plans within that start-up budget.

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